ELORA: (+41) 078 614 75 32

In order to avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment, here are the rules that you absolutely agree to respect:

The ESPRIT TANTRA massage is a massage in accordance with the naturist and sensual state of mind: I thank you for selecting my services only by choosing this ethic of life, motivated only by a desire for well-being.


I ask you to observe the greatest verbal and physical courtesy.


No modification is possible in the form or the pricing of my services.


No request can be made inside or outside the institute.


I will refuse any request contrary to my philosophy and any modification of the services offered.


Any deviation from these rules will result in the practitioner immediately stopping the service and without the possibility of reimbursement, as well as the final exclusion from the establishment.



A shower is compulsory before the service; clean linen will be at your disposal.


Each ESPRIT TANTRA massage is designed to be an extremely sensual experience; take the trouble to have perfect hygiene.

I will thus be able to give the best of me for your greatest pleasure. You can take a shower afterwards.


I reserve the right to refuse any customer whose intention, behavior or appearance does not conform to my policy.


The ESPRIT TANTRA naturist massage is purely aesthetic and in line with the naturist philosophy, but in no case can it be for therapeutic or medical purposes.

My future and current clients who demonstrate perfect hygiene and behavior will benefit from continuous access to my services.