The most sensual massage that is, the most "revealing" of emotions and strong sensations. The one that will bring you into a universe unknown to most of you and of which our Western culture is unfortunately so ignorant.

A mix of meaning, original improvisation and complicity.

Let yourself be transported to the delights of this massage with long, caressing gestures, just for you and just for your pleasure all over your body. A fully fulfilling experience.

The fantasy and the total abandonment so that this moment offers you the tenderness too often lost on precise points and localized zones intervening in the sensuality, the pleasure, the libido, the desire: harmonization and stimulation.

Intelligent, the gestures are proposed in the tantric spirit. The massage is progressive.

Tantric Massage, a benchmark in relaxation techniques through touch.

(Sensuality, slowness, touch, discovery of your body)

Here, it is the awakening of the senses and their intensification that is sought.

Much more than a simple sensitive approach, the whole body is massaged.

The private parts (the yoni for women and the lingam for men) are considered one of the energy points to be stimulated. It is about centering on your own body.

Through my hands, let the energies rise, the chills come over you and the wave of pleasure wash over you. The sensation that you will then experience will exclusively serve your development at all levels, mental, emotional and bodily. My ultimate goal will be to allow you to access a new dimension of your being.